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Chiefs G.M. suspects Albert Wilson heading to Bears

Soon-to-be free agent wide receiver Albert Wilson said recently he wasn’t sure if the Chiefs want him back.

But Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach seems to have a hunch about his next destination.

Via Colleen Kane of the Chicago Tribune, Veach was asked whether he expected to keep Wilson, and connected the dots to new Bears coach and former Chiefs quarterbacks coach Matt Nagy.

The 39-year-old Brees, who has agreed to a reported two-year, $50 million deal with a no-trade clause, almost surely will remain with the Saints to the end of his career, and that’s the way it ought to end for him.

The Jets moving up could also make the Broncos anxious, as they sit at No. 5 and are eyeing quarterbacks. If they want to swap with the Giants and rise up three slots it would cost 900 value points. That adds up to the Broncos giving up the No. 5-overall pick, their second-round pick (40th overall, 500 points), their third-round pick (71st overall, 235 points) and their fourth-round pick (106th overall, 82 points). Or it could add up to a second-round pick this year and next year.

So would Gettleman pull the lever on such a deal?

Laquon needs to get out of his own way, Zimmer said, via the Daily Norseman. He’s a guy that works extremely hard, probably doesn’t do things the right way all the time. We’ll be in training camp and he’ll run the stadium steps at night, which is not helping for practice the next day. But he thinks he’s trying to get better; he’s trying to get better. He’s just going about it the wrong way. He needs to get out of his own way and let this thing play out.

After having just one catch as a rookie, Treadwell caught just 20 passes for 200 yards in year two as Adam Thelien and Stefon Diggs were the primary targets for Case Keenum and Sam Bradford throughout the season. Jarius Wright had 18 catches for 198 yards and two touchdowns despite playing half the snaps on offense (254 to 500) that Treadwell did last season.

The good news is that Treadwell isn’t falling short for lack of effort. Wide receivers moving from college to the pros can run into issues making the transition as well. The Vikings will have to hope that Treadwell can find a better means of channeling his effort in hopes of living up to his status as a former first-round pick.

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