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Michael Bennett says he would read in Seahawks meetings to ignore Pete Carroll

The court is now in session for The Veterans vs. Pete Carroll, as Michael Bennett gave yet another reason that the Seattle Seahawks may have dealt him to the Philadelphia Eagles via trade earlier this offseason. As the Legion of Boom’s messy breakup continues, Bennett is confirming some things that Richard Sherman said about Carroll’s coaching habits.

While the idea of Pete Carroll as a dawdling old man telling the same two stories over and over again is a pleasing one, veterans were not a fan of his practices. Bennett told Sports Illustrated’s Greg Bishop that he’d read books during team meetings last year because he’d already heard whatever Pete Carroll was saying, via ESPN’s Brady Henderson. Hopefully he was reading a dictionary or something similar just to really get the point across.

Griffin recalls the glory days of bringing in a bag of six PB&J sandwiches a day to beef up, and that’s enough chitchat. The twins get to work. Griffin, as always, does everything his brother can. A contraption hooked to that left arm allows him to fire up 225 pounds on the bench exactly as he did 20 times at the combine. He tosses the medicine ball against a wall and crouches low for excruciating one-legged front squats.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a step-back J or, here, tying a shoe, fitting his dreads into a bun (the ones O’Leary once made him cut) and hurling weights around. Since dirtying up that bandage at four, Griffin has been hellbent on living a life without restrictions.

Now, it’s simple: He’s hellbent on dominating in the NFL.

If anyone believes playing without a hand will zap Griffin’s game, he sternly states, What I’m doing is not going to stop, and points to the numbers: 33.5 tackles for loss, 18.5 sacks, four forced fumbles, two interceptions and 10 pass breakups in two seasons with Frost.

There’s no rocket science here. In high school, Moore learned it was best to play Griffin outside where he couldn’t get held in the muck inside. And from there, Griffin explains his tackle is no different than any other textbook tackle from anticipation to gaining outside leverage to a traditional wrap and roll.

But moments later, Griffin corrects himself. One aspect of his tackle is different.

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