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Giants encouraged by what they’ve seen from Ereck Flowers

Now that they can actually see him, the new Giants coaching staff likes what they’ve seen from Ereck Flowers.

The incumbent left tackle didn’t show for the early portion of optional workouts, after they signed Nate Solder in free agency to replace him.

But Flowers has returned to work — at right tackle — and the Giants are glad he did.

I definitely have seen LeBron James came out and said something about his diet, Adams said. I’ve also seen Tom Brady, as well. His diet is a whole other level, something I can’t do. I just wanted to help myself. Anything I can do to help myself get better on the field to help this team out that’s what I want to do.

While there won’t be a JA33 diet to compete with TB12, Adams believes his new lifestyle will show results this season.

The Panthers hadn’t exactly been known for advocacy when Jerry Richardson owned the team.

When President Donald Trump sparked a new wave of protesting players last fall, only veteran defensive end Julius Peppers made any notice of it, by staying in the locker room during the anthem the following week. And as a future Hall of Famer, Peppers had the kind of job security to stand on his own two feet, even if he didn’t kneel.

Forgive me if I do not take them all too seriously. Then again, I do not take much out of the same ritual with, say, the NFL draft. And that involves players who have all played in college, for multiple years, mostly against like competition on uniform fields.

For the MLB draft, there will be high school and college players selected. Those in college often will be playing against somewhat like competition, but with aluminum bats in use. The high school uniformity of skill and surface are drastically different. Often scouts are weighing, say, a 17-year-old against an opponent who might be a few weeks away from graduating high school and going directly into his father’s plumbing supply business.

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